Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MAC Shark-M Tactical Diving Knife MC-SHK-M - Professional Tactical Diving Knives by MAC Italy - LEONESHOP.COM

Shark-M Tactical Diving Knife by MAC Italy, Professional scuba divers and Military tactical diving knives with serrated blade of W1.4116 stainless steel of high quality mirror polish finished - HRC 55/56 - Blade lenght 7.3" - Thickness 0.18" - Handle of PP Black a plastic material with non-slip rubber and stainless steel back hammer - Overall lenght 12.2" - Equipped with PP sheath with rubber straps for legs or arms - A MAC tactical diving knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent Italian design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes - For sale Online MAC Italy Tactical Divers Knives - LEONESHOP.COM - All the best cutlery and the best Italian scuba divers knives directly to your home

MAC Shark-M Tactical Diving Knife