Friday, June 13, 2014

FOX Derespina Kuku Hanuman Fighting Karambit FX-636T - Fox Fkmd & Derespina Knives N.Y.C. Collaboration - LEONESHOP.COM

Military Knife Kuku Hanuman Fighting Karambit DERESPINA KNIVES - FOX FKMD Italy, tactical military knives with fixed blade of N690Co Cobalt Vanadium stainless steel of high quality with surface treatment in Black Idroglider® a coating based on PTFE very resistant to abrasion and waterproof - HRC 58/60 - Blade lenght 3.1" - Thickness 0.16" - Handle made with Black G10 inserts cnc machined with rouge texture for a better grip - Overall lenght 8.3" ​​- Supplied with KYDEX® sheath with MOLLE system - The karambit is a knife born in the Indonesian archipelago and is used mainly for Self Defense and Martial Arts - Developed in collaboration with Derespina Knives - Brooklyn - N.Y.C. - A FOX Military knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent Italian design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes - For sale Online FOX FKMD Italy Military Knives - LEONESHOP.COM - All the best cutlery and the best Italian Military knives directly to your home

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