Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pistol Crossbow 80 Lbs Man Kung MKE-A3 - Crossbows for Sale Online - LEONESHOP.COM - Online Store

Pistol Crossbow Man Kung MKE-A3

Pistol Crossbow 80 Lbs MAN-KUNG, professional crossbows with anatomic gun handle to have a steady and safe grip, alluminium body with fiber bow, viewfinder, controller and polyester string - Lenght 12.5" - Bow Lenght 17.5" - Weight 1.54 lbs - Shooting power 80 Lbs - Speed 160 fps - Complete of 3 darts with aluminium body and metal tip - For Sale Online Professional Pistol Crossbows, blowguns and Slingshots, spare darts for crossbow MAN-KUNG and the whole series of dedicated spares.