Friday, August 7, 2015

Benchmade Volli® Knife G10 BM-1000001 - Design by Benchmade Usa - AXIS®-Assist Lock System -

Benchmade Volli Knife 1000001

Folding Knife VOLLI® BENCHMADE-Usa, high-tech sport knives with blade of CPMS30V stainless steel of high quality Satin finished - HRC 58/60 - Blade lenght 3.3" - Thickness 0.10" - Handle made with two steel liners, G10 Black inserts 3D cnc machined - AXIS®-Assist Lock system - Assisted Opening - Safety Lock system - Reversible Back Clip - Overall lenght 7.8" ​​- Design by Benchmade Knives Usa - BENCHMADE-Usa high-tech sport knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent American design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes.

Benchmade Knives Usa