Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife FX-0107154BS - Fox Fkmd Outdoor and Survival Knife design by Alfredo Doricchi - Leoneshop Usa

Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife FX-0107154BS

FOX FKMD PARANG BUSHCRAFT Jungle Knife FX-0107154BS, military survival knives with fixed blade of N690Co Cobalt Vanadium stainless steel of high quality Satin finished - HRC 58/60 - Blade lenght 7.5" - Thickness 0.20" - Handle made of Black Forprene® a material with extreme ability, heat resistance, acid and saline corrosion - Overall lenght 12.6" ​​- Supplied with 1000D Nylon sheath with MOLLE system, complete with removable Survival Kit in a waterproof aluminum box, containing the following items: Container for water, Nylon strap, Mini Compass, candle, Flint, Saw wire, Fishing kit, Multi-tool, matches, Needle and thread kit, blade, Emergency whistle, Copper wire, SOS mirror and pencil and a CYALUME fluorescent candle - Design by Alfredo Doricchi - A field knife to best perform all your outdoor activities and survival, cut wood, prepare the food, skinning a prey and dig a hole - FOX FKMD Outdoor Survival knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent Italian design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes.

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