Friday, May 5, 2017

Citadel Knife Texas Rosewood CITA-1015S - Citadel Craft Handmade Knives - DNH7 Carbon Steel Blade - Leoneshop Usa

Citadel Knife Texas Rosewood CITA-1015S

CITADEL TEXAS SMALL Hunting Custom Knife CITA-1015S, hunting handmade knives with fixed blade of DNH7 Carbon Steel of high quality with selective tempering, mirror polish finishing and Brut de Forge - HRC 40/60 - Blade lenght 5.2" - Thickness 0.18" - Handle made of Rosewood finely hand finished by skilled artisans, a precious wood, tough, durable and with high porosity dark brown with black streaks - Stainless steel guard - Leather spacers - Overall lenght 10" ​​- Supplied with genuine leather sheath - Design by Citadel Cambodia - CITADEL handmade custom knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes.

Citadel Knives

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