Monday, June 7, 2021

Mac San Marco Fighting Knife D2 MC-SMF01-D2 - Design by Sandro Martinelli e Marco Bellani - Summa Maxima Combatives Martial Arts


MAC SAN MARCO FIGHTING D2 Military Knife MC-SMF01-D2, military tactical knives with serrated fixed blade of D2 carbon steel of high quality with surface treatment in Black Idroglider® a coating based on PTFE very resistant to abrasion and waterproof - HRC 59/60 - Blade lenght 5.7" - Thickness 0.24" - Stainless steel bolsters - Keyflex® handle a rubberized plastic material light and strong - Overall lenght 10.4" ​​- Equipped with Cordura® 1100 sheath + PP hard polymer core - Design by Sandro Martinelli e Marco Bellani - M.A. - C.Q.C - Knife Fighting Masters - SUMMA MAXIMA COMBATIVESSumma Maxima Warriors Arts is an Organization, a School and a Style of Martial Arts (Summa Maxima Combatives) recognized by WHFSC-World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the famous Congress which brings together the largest number of International Grand Masters - MAC Military Tactical knife really exceptional with quality materials and an excellent Italian design, superior quality in all the components and also in the finishes.